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Let’s Collaborate

Freelance iOS and Linux expert.

My name is Bill. What makes me unique as a freelance developer is that I write your iOS app as well as the back end services that support it. Your one stop guy for coding your app, configuring your cloud server (such as Amazon AWS), and writing the server code that powers the back end of your app.

Know all about iOS? Just provide the details and I will build your app to spec.

Newer to iOS? Let’s work together to go over options and form a plan.
It is safe to share your e-mail with me. Your e-mail address will not be shared or spammed by me. If you send me a message I will personally reply.

About me:

  • iOS App Development
  • Objective C / Swift
  • Native Mac OS X Apps
  • Linux Administration
  • Server Configuration
  • Server Security
  • Amazon AWS
  • Web Development
  • Ecommerce


Example 1: iOS Apps
Download my apps on the App Store

I wrote these apps for iOS using XCode along with Swift, Objective C, and Unity. Let’s talk about developing an app for you.

Example 2: Web Development
Visit the website I made for my iOS App
I used Jekyll to build this static website. Would you like a website like this?

Example 3: More Web Development
I made this website that you are using right now. Visit the front page and explore. It is based on WordPress and uses an open source theme which I wrote based on Bootstrap. What web development can I assist you with?

Example 4: Programming Miscellaneous Projects
Check out my open source WordPress plugin. It uses dynamically binded elements and Knockout JS. Would you like a WordPress plugin or some other kind of extension? Let’s talk.

Work Process

First, we talk. We work out all the details up front including expectations, time tables, and goals for the finished product. Only then does work begin. It is nice to communicate up front. It makes everything else go smoothly. During the project we chat either in person if we are in the same area, or by FaceTime / Skype if need be. Good communication and a good plan make for a great experience. Along the way we document everything so you end up with a project you can maintain and keep running.

Thank you! I look forward to talking about this project.